Black Kyanite Essence

Black Kyanite Essence is both grounding and energizing. It helps to remove blockages between the chakras, clearing out energy that would inhibit the free flow between them. Black Kyanite Essence moreover has a stimulating effect on your kundalini, benefiting meditation and other spiritual activities. It may also help to calm and protect you from outside energies, such as psychic attack and/or other types of energetic interference. Black Kyanite Essence further helps attune you to the subtle vibrations within the earth’s crust – energies replete with powerful healing frequencies that can empower your evolution and ascension process. Black Kyanite Essence can further help you to cleanse negative or disempowering beliefs and unhealthy [preconditioned] ways of thinking- replacing these negative reinforcements with new. higher beliefs vibrations (ie so that your spirit can truly soar).

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