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Helps Release Limitations
Enhances Creative Powers
Courage ~ Love ~ Passion

Higher Mind, Creativity, Expansion. Helps you to reach your highest potential in whatever task is at hand.

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Bixbite Gemstone Essence

Bixbite Essence (aka Red Beryl Essence) is the rarest form of beryl, so rare that only one stone is found for every 150,000 diamonds that are mined; in fact 2 carots of red bixbite are the equivalent of a 40 carot diamond… and at least 1000x the value of gold. If you find yourself drawn to this essence, you are truly ready to summon the sacred into your life, and to discover what makes you special; you are also ready to value others, and treasure the people and materials you have drawn to you.

Red Beryl Essence (Bixbite) inspires feelings of worthiness, helps sharpen your artistic vision and strengthens the creative powers of your mind. It deepens both your romantic and spiritual love, strengths your emotional (relationship) bonds, and bestows courage and passion in all you do. An essence of expansion, it helps align you with opportunity, bestowing luck and good fortune (if you are truly ready to step into it). It helps inspire you to reach your highest potential in whatever task is at hand. By benefiting the alignment of your body-mind-spirit connection, it helps ensure all three wheels are spinning in the same direction, moving you toward your highest goals. It simultaneously helps ease inner conflict and bestows outer harmony, promoting peace and good will in all aspects of your life.

Bixbite Essence strengthens your root chakra, helping ease family of origin issues and release limiting beliefs and patterns you were born into. It further stimulates virtues of your higher heart center and helps you attract others with whom you share “higher” alliances. It helps you align your timing with the Universal timing for each thing, and in this way, helps you to flow synchronistically with each moment (rather than race against time).

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