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Balances Sacral Chakra
Release Need to be in Control
Enhances Creativity & Well-Being

For the second chakra, creativity, and sexual balance. May especially benefit males.

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Begonia Flower Essence

Begonia Flower Essence helps balance and align your sacral or second chakra (svadhisthana in Sanskrit). If you are male, you may find it balancing, especially with regard to bringing balance and harmony to the male reproductive energy centers and issues surrounding sexual and ego balance;  Begonia Essence also helps increase confidence and optimism while decreasing insecurity and unworthiness. Whether you’re male or female, Begonia Essence can help enhance your creativity and promote emotional balance. If you’re prone to depression or have trapped shame and guilt from past rejection, “failures”, or mistakes, this essence can help you release these patterns and make room for greater joy and happiness.

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