Aventurine Master


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Manifest Abundance
Repattern Fear & Worry
Increase Harmony & Calm

Aventurine Essence may help to gently alleviate fears, worries, and anxieties, calm nervous tension, and stabilize root and heart chakras in relation to one another.

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Aventurine Master Essence

Shanti Kai Master Aventurine Essence has a combination of all the individual varieties, but also has its own unique synergy, making it a robust elixir for grounding feelings of worry and fear and promoting harmony both within yourself, and throughout your environment (especially when used in spray form). It can inspire mental and emotional balance and enhance your sense of spiritual well being, especially during times of stress and distress. It is emotionally healing, and helps balance and stabilize your heart chakra, bestowing protection upon you, especially from energies that would take from you. It helps increase your self-esteem, softens fear of rejection, and helps you to forgive others. Our Master Aventurine Essence also helps lift depressed spirits, and encourages happiness. It can help you align with a positive vision and outcome while protecting from negative energies. Used regularly can help strengthen your mental and emotional focus, bringing optimism and confidence. It further may help balance and ground your root or foundational chakra, along with your sacral and manipura chakras, helping you repattern both inherited and learned fears, along with memories of trauma. It can aid you in manifesting what you want by enabling the release of fear around what you “don’t want”, along with existential or heart fears stored in the heart chakra. It can also help you release and reprogram visual memories of stored trauma, that is, memories that carry “reminders” of fear. It can help you feel safe to reopen the third eye, and can be a powerful essence for invoking Archangel Michael. Many believe it traditionally has held powers to cleanse the blood and remove hexes caused by witchcraft.


Cinnamon Aventurine

Grounds Worry

Release Ancestral Fears

Manifest ~ Balance Your Root Chakra

Cinnamon Aventurine Essence may help alleviate anxieties and fears. It helps balance and ground the root chakra, your foundation. Worrying propensities that have been inherited or passed on may be broken down and repatterned when working with this essence. It may be beneficial for vitality. It alleviates worry by grounding your energy and bringing energy that’s trapped above the solar plexus chakra into the root chakra and aligning with the earth. It is a good essence for making a connection with Archangel Michael when you are worried and need reassurance. It can aid manifesting what you want by releasing the energy of worry and fear that is creating what you don’t want.


Green Aventurine

Calming Nervous Tension

Easing Heart Chakra Stress

Increasing Workplace Harmony

Green Aventurine Essence balances and stabilizes the heart chakra, increases self-esteem, softens fear of rejection and helps you soften and forgive. It may be beneficial for anyone experiencing stress, including animals. It may help you to harmonize with your environment and may help bring harmony to dysfunctional situations. It may be especially beneficial for bringing harmony into a household, and as such can be beneficial as a room spray.


Yellow Aventurine

Inspires Confidence

Aids Emotional Well-being

Strengthens Mental Balance

Yellow Aventurine Essence is emotionally uplifting and encourages happiness and well being. If you’re sad or down, it can help lift depressed spirits, promoting feelings of optimism and inspiring confidence. It further helps ease feelings of worry and dread, and can help you align with a positive outcome; by helping you to stay in harmony and envision positivity, it can influence the energy around you. Yellow Aventurine protects from negative energies, and used regularly can help strengthen your mental and emotional focus.


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  1. Anna Snow

    When I am feeling worried, I take this essence to make me feel more calm and release the spinning thoughts.

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