Andesine Essence

Andesine Essence acts on your sacral chakra energies, increasing balance and harmony in your partnerships and romantic relationships. It benefits you with balancing ego and control issues, inspiring your creative access, and opening you to the flow of Divine love. Andesine Essence also helps harmonize important male/female energies stored in your sacral chakra, revitalizing the sexual energies so important to maintaining a healthy reproductive system. It may also help improve your overall sense of well being and happiness in body, mind, and spirit. Andesine Essence may further help move stagnant mana (or life force energy) trapped in your sacral chakra into higher energy centers, eventually reaching the crown where an experience of Divinity can be had.

Andesine Essence helps open subtle channels to your subconscious mind, enabling you to access repressed memory, so that you can reprogram and heal from past trauma. It can be an important tool for healing energetic causes of sacral chakra issues, including repressed memories, sexual abuse and/or emotional trauma, other forms of relationship abuse, depression/anxiety, low energy, etc. Health Practitioners, Energy workers, Therapists, Doctors, Chiropractors, etc., may find this essence a valuable tool for their “healers toolbox”.