Andalusite Essence

Andalusite Essence connects you with the Earth and teaches spiritual transformation through working with Earth energies. It helps open your Root and Sacral Chakras, bringing increased balance, grounding and presence. It encourages you to be in the now and to manage aspects of your life from the mindset of that space; it can also aid you in presiding over current issues so as to prevent them from becoming tomorrow’s obstacles. Andalusite Essence can help you transform lower energies from your base chakras to higher states. It acts on the flow of energy between your Heart and Feet Chakras, assisting with the release of trapped energy; it helps move trapped energy downward, so that it can eventually be released through your feet and transformed through the Earth.

Andalusite Essence moreover acts as a sort of spiritual guide – ensuring you always find your way. It brings energies of protection, and can shield you during times of fatigue, allowing you to more easily recover strength. An excellent choice for business management, it can help with manifestation of wealth and finances. It may further help you see yourself without judgment, and guide your decisions without interference of emotion, which is also important for business. It may further be especially helpful for warding off negative energies, anxiety, and worry… including what is sometimes referred to as the “evil eye”.