Andalusite Essence

Andalusite Essence may help with connecting with the Earth, Root and Sacral Chakra energies, increasing grounding, and staying present, while teaching transformation of earth energies. It can help with manifestation of wealth and finances through management of the present; helping you preside over current issues and preventing them from becoming tomorrow’s obstacles. It helps guide you on your path, ensuring you always find clarity. An excellent choice for business management, it may help you see yourself without judgement, and guide your decisions (without emotion). The synergy of Andalusite found in this Shanti Kai™ Essence is especially helpful for warding off negative energies, including what some may call the “evil eye”.

If you experience anxiety or excess worry, it may be that there is a blockage in your heart chakra; Andalusite Essence acts on the flow of energy between heart and feet chakras, assisting with the downward flow, helping you with grounding and releasing trapped energy in your heart chakra. If you have been feeling run down, this Essence may help to provide energetic protection while you recover your strength, helping transform lower energies from base chakras to higher states. It may also help you to see all aspects of yourself without holding judgement.