Tiger’s Eye Essence

Master Tiger’s Eye Essence is protective and strengthening, helping  you to stay present and live moment to moment, breath by breath. It strengthens your first two chakras, helping you build energy,  and increase endurance, strength and stamina. It further helps dispel negative thought forms and other distractions, while promoting inner peace and harmony.  Master Tiger’s Eye Essence is also beneficial  if you suffer nightmares, psychic attacks, or feel conflict empathically.  It may help deflect energy from those who like to fight or argue with you, and help balance you when you are confronted with opposition, and/or experience emotional extremes and need to stay grounded.

Master Tiger’s Eye is beneficial if you meditate or are on the spiritual path. It helps you tap into your inner courage and stay focused on your goals, which is especially beneficial when dealing with emotional or stressful situations. It may help guide you to understand your true self as separate from your ego, and in fact may help you lessen your ego as you become more aware of it. Additionally, Tiger’s Eye Essence may also be beneficial if you have a tendency toward overthinking, brain chatter and/or making premature assumptions.

Contains a blend of blue and golden brown tigers eye.