Tiger Iron Essence

Tiger Iron Essence can help if you’re mentally blocked, “in a haze”, “out of body”, disengaged and or otherwise “spacey” to come back into body, ground yourself and create personal space. It can help you define your boundaries and set up energetic protection so that you are not overpowered by people or forces around you. This essence is in fact very protective, and helps you maintain your boundaries from outside influences that might otherwise confuse, scramble or unground your energy. Moreover, Tiger Iron’s rich composition includes hematite, which is sacred to Archangel Michael, the Archangel of spiritual protection, as it is the material of the cross he bears and is historically believed to strengthen your blood (your life force material)… It is an energetically dynamic essence that empowers you to function and be present from moment to moment. If you struggle to stay grounded or focused, even in basic functions, this essence may be just what you need to cut through the fog and energetically align with the task or situation at hand.

Tiger Iron is an essence of vast creativity, helping you to tap into your artistic powers (whatever they be) so that you believe in your ability to manifest abundance in all of your endeavors. It also encourages you toward creative expression, and helps you to manifest your reality through creative effort. If you experience issues of “ambivalence for life” or “not caring” or having an opinion on things that matter to most, Tiger Iron Essence may help you rekindle your sense of purpose and path forward, helping you build strength and foster stamina. It may benefit therapists and healers who work with trauma to use this essence with their clients and patients, helping them stay present and grounded and able to endure treatment or therapy.