Ruby Essence

Ruby is one of the Master Essences of the heart chakra. It helps invoke inner strength, inspires courage, and bestows protection. Its Essence fills the cells that are open to receive with pure unconditional love energy and encourages cells that are blocked to gently release, thereby cultivating a deep, unshakable sense of security over time. It promotes passion, love and romance, and may help you rekindle lost love. Ruby Essence further helps awaken your heart, dreams and passion, and can help motivate you to action, enabling success in all your endeavors.

Historically, rubies have been associated with the fiery energies of love, passion and energy.  Ruby Essence has been associated with the symbol of blood, and believed to contribute to health and vitality, benefiting the circulatory energies while also promoting courage and motivation. Its essence enhances feelings of strength and empowerment, bringing harmony to your physical motivation, your hearts desires, your mind’s goals, and your spirit’s aspirations… only when all are aligned are you truly able to accomplish your dreams. Used when emotional or upset, Ruby Essence may help quell intense emotions, such as anger, jealousy and rage; it does this energetically by helping cool the fire burning beneath your temper.

Ruby applies to the Male or Father Heart Meridian, and as such helps clear blockages in the heart chakra that relate to your Father. It softens issues with the father figure and helps you to find within yourself the internal validation, support, and safety that may have been lacking in your youth.

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