Plumeria Master


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Opens Your Heart to Love
Balances Feet & Root Chakras
Invokes a Canopy of Protection

Plumeria essence invokes a canopy of protection above you while allowing you to grow deep roots that enable you to stand in your power in love without fear or judgment.

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Plumeria Flower Essence

Shanti Ka™️ Plumeria Master Essence is sweetly fragrant to smell, with its most intoxicating aroma often being experienced under the stars and moonlight (as opposed to in sunshine). Its essence envelopes you in a canopy of protection and encourages you to open up and trust. It invokes relaxation, and can be helpful for peaceful slumber and sweet dreams. Its essence can further be used for soothing nightmares and night terrors, and easing fears in children who are afraid of the dark.

Plumeria Essence can help you stay grounded, as well as mentally and emotionally balanced. It helps elevate your general sense of well being and encourages harmony between your heart and mind. Plumeria Master Essence can be used for easing the process of forming alliances and partnerships -both romantic and business-that will bear fruit. It helps you to expand your mind and spirit, and encourages harmony between your intellect and intuition. Its essence can help you learn to discern so you can trust your heart and make better decisions about whom and what you choose to let in.

The Plumeria tree is easily effected by its external environment, and its essence can help if you too, tend to be overly sensitive, shy or otherwise effected by your external environment. If you have a hard time adapting to harsh energies around you or challenges due to your environment, be it your work, home, social life or otherwise- it helps you adjust and equilibrate so that you feel increasingly lighter and brighter.

Pink Plumeria Essence tends to have a feminine energy which can help lighten your touch and soften the energies of those around you; it uplifts and inspires feelings of joy and unconditional love. Yellow Plumeria Essence, on the other hand, promotes positivity and a strong intellect, working to ease a critical mind, bringing balance and clarity to your decision making. Plumerias with more uniform white color tend to have an emphasis on nurturing, purity, and protection and although not found on our menu are infused in this blend. Combined in our Master Blend, this intoxicating Plumeria medley helps unite the strength of your mind (and hence the power of your intellect) with the power of your heart (i.e. your emotional truth) whilst invoking the nurturing, safety and protection needed to empower you forward.

Plumeria Essence is energetically cleansing to the lower limbs – especially ankles and feet, and can help flush negative energies in these regions. Working with this essence has moreover been known to bring a lightness to your step and greater balance to your walk. Plumeria Master Blend contains all of our plumeria essences, and the spray also contains Plumeria Essential Oil.

Our Plumeria Master Blend contains all of our plumeria essences, including Pink Plumeria and Plumeria Rubra. The spray also contains Plumeria Essential Oil.

Vibrational infusions of Plumeria flowers in purified water and 20% alcohol. Our Plumeria Master Blend Spray also contains Plumeria Essential Oil.

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  1. RD

    I started using Plumeria both by mouth and by adding it to a foot soak. I was having issues with cold feet, circulation and pain from a recent ankle injury that just wasn’t getting better. Since starting it, I have noticed a big change in the amount of pain. It has decrease quite substantially and strength and flexibility are returning to the area.

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