Oriental Hawksbeard Flower Essence (aka Yellow Hawkweed)

Oriental Hawksbeard (aka Yellow Hawkweed) Essence helps connect you to your higher self, to nature, and to your unique spiritual guidance system. It may promote telepathy and assist you with obtaining needed information so you can make decisions accordingly. Oriental Hawksbeard helps clear and align the nadis and meridians of your energy field. In this way it may help with healing the clearing of memories from childhood wherein discomfort was experienced but your intuition was overridden. Your outer state is often a reflection of your inner condition and this clearing of inner blockages can have profound effects on helping you feel less stuck or trapped, thereby helping to increase your life force and vitality. It may also help you reclaim your motivation, especially if laziness or procrastination has been an issue. Oriental Hawksbeard Essence also has a balancing effect on the ego, especially for balancing masculine energies, and can help restore your sense of worthiness. security, and self confidence. If you’re highly impressionable, sensitive, and/or empathic, this essence can help you “bounce back” and recover after a negative experience. It also helps with restoring your faith and intuition (through clearing of traumas and memories that acted to invalidate it).