Malachite Essence

Malachite Essence is said to attract luck and prosperity. It has long been hailed as a sort of rabbit’s foot for bringing hope and change when needed. It may help support your physical and emotional healing.

Malachite may also be especially helpful with helping you open and protect the heart chakra, this is because of its purifying nature. Anyone looking for a “do over” may find Malachite beneficial. It helps open the heart chakra and is a good choice for healing practitioners (and others who are caretakers or do client work) who feel “burnt out”. It may furthermore help anyone in life when they are at the point of exhaustion and ready to give up to shift into a more persevering mindset and to find hope, synchronicity, and luck.

Malachite Essence makes a special connection to Mother Earth more readily available, even to those who are lacking in earth energy and grounding. Because of this, it may help you purify, detox and protect against harmful earth elements, including earth energies that have been manipulated by man made technology (e.g. harmful rays, cell frequencies, and radiation waves). It may also helps shield from negative “elementals” or entities that spring from earth but hold belief systems that counter our natural inclination toward expansion and unconditional love.

Malachite, in essence form, is said to have regenerative capability, and historically has been known to benefit the eyes, heart, and feet (the latter due to their earth connection).