Kiawe Tree


Increasing Energetic Protection
Strengthening Boundaries
Defining Your Space

For setting boundaries and maintaining them, defining and clarifying your personal space or place, holding firm in your conviction, and defending yourself when needed.

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Kiawe Tree flower Essence

Kiawe Tree Flower Essence is for setting boundaries and maintaining them and defining and clarifying your personal space or place. You might spot a Kiawe Tree and be lured to lie under its shade…but be careful! It’s near invisible thorns in the ground cover carefully guard it’s space and encourage you to tread elsewhere. As an essence, Kiawe Tree Flower helps bring protection, as well as promoting strength and perseverance and increasing your adaptability.

Kiawe Tree is used medicinally to treat infections in the eyes, and is also used as a fungicide. Moreover, when used in essence form, it may benefit the subtle eye chakras by strengthening the auric field and energies associated with the immune system. It may also strengthen the part of the aura associated with the lungs and filtering airborne toxins such as fungus, mold spores and other invasive energies. Historically, Kiawe Tree Flowers have been seen as a symbol of fertility, and as an essence it may inspire creative energies and promote fertility.

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