Hemimorphite Master


Accessing Higher Energy States
Ease Grudges~ Renews Spirit
Empathic Communication

Hemimorphite Essence may help if you are holding on to anger, to forgive, and may help balance the throat and third eye. Contains a blend of blue and white hemimorphite essences.

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Hemimorphite Master Essence

Hemimorphite Essence may be good if you’re holding onto anger or resentment, helping you to forgive and move on. It increases empathy, making it very healing and helpful for harmonizing relationships, bringing mental and emotional transformation to both (or all) parties. Taken regularly, it may also aid communication and help balance the throat and third eye chakras, benefitting communication and intuition.

Hemimorphite Master Essence contains vibrational infusions of both Blue and White Hemimorphite.

Blue Hemimorphite

Increases Empathy

Detoxify Light Bodies

Multi dimensional Interface

Blue Hemimorphite Essence has all of the characteristics of the Master Blend, but with emphasis on communication, especially higher forms of communication, expression, and telepathy. Read more

White Hemimorphite

Channel Higher Vibrations

Increase Empathy ~ Purifies

Release Resentment ~ Forgiveness

White Hemimorphite Essence has the properties of the Master Blend, with an emphasis on spirit renewal and purging lower energies, allowing higher vibrational energies to flow through you and integrate within you. Read more

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