Hematoid Quartz Quartz Essence

Hematoid Quartz Essence brings together the amplifying properties of quartz and the grounding and protective properties of hematite. Accordingly, Quartz’s amplification properties help raise your vibration while the iron in hematite can help focus your energy. This compound essence carries a special connection to Archangel Michael and can help you transmute negative energy and help you heal; bringing in more universal love and light. While most forms of Quartz Essence help to enhance different vibrational properties, very few help to increase your grounding and staying power or increase your ability to hone your energy on the physical plane. This essence is believed to have healing and purifying effects on the energetic plane associated with blood, and can be used to re-pattern inherited belief systems and increase your strength and vitality. Used in our Master Quartz Essence, it purifies your aura and environment, helps transmute negativity, brings in love and light and increases vitality.

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