Green Quartz Essence

Green Quartz is especially healing and may help open and balance your heart chakra. As an essence, it cleanses and helps rejuvenate your emotional subtle body and associated light-bodies. Traditionally it has been used as an elixir to guard against depression and ailments of the heart, aid against nervous exhaustion, and restore vitality and vibrancy to your energy field. It may help you with emotional growth, in healing past heart aches, and may also enhance your connection to Archangel Raphael. It increases love of nature and plants, and may help you become more sensitive to subtle vibrations that effect your emotions. It can help you cleanse environmental toxicity, such as harmful waves and other frequencies associated with increasing technology and modern times. If you suffer from fatigue after being in public places. Or are sensitive to sounds, smells, and vibrations, this Essence may help you with clearing negative or unwanted energies and increase your rebounding healing capacity. Used as a spray, such as in our Quartz Master Essence, it promotes creativity and joy.

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