Golden Healer Lemurian Quartz Essence

Like Clear Lemurian Quartz, Golden Healer Essence helps you tap into the Lemurian crystal “seed vibrations” for advanced forms of healing; this Essence helps you access ancient Lemurian wisdom, making their ability to transcend limits of space and time more attainable. In fact, most healing occurs in holograms which by definition are beyond time and space (making it possible to heal the past and thereby change the future). Hematite gives the Golden Healer Lemurian Crystal the golden color and also the connection to Archangel Michael, who bears a hematite cross. Likewise, this Essence has a shielding effect on the aura and helps strengthen the Prana and/or light you carry in your auric field. Increased shielding helps protect against negative energy and helps you separate truth from illusion so you can discern as to what you let in. Golden Healer is unique among Lemurian Quartz in that it vibrates in golden frequencies which benefit crown and heart and solar plexus chakra and strengthen the brain chakras.

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