Fire Agate Essence

Just as the earth has a fiery core, our Fire Agate Essence also contains the element of fire. It works to attune you to Earth’s inner fire, so that you can draw on it to move stagnant, unwanted energies out, purifying your inner being and fortifying your core. Work with this Essence to ignite the alchemical transformation so essential to staying mentally-emotionally integrated and physically balanced.

If you have been depressed or disempowered, traumatized and/or filled with fear, the fiery side of Fire Agate Essence can help shift you into a more energized state. Fire Agate Essence has a vibrant and strengthening influence that can contribute to a sense of achievement and contentment. It assists in balancing the root and sacral chakras increasing your pranic reserves. It inspires motivation and can help catalyze you into action, overcoming blocks and dissipating emotions like shame and fear. Moreover, it may help you to think for yourself and feel safe, emotionally and physically, in expressing your truth, not allowing the opinions of others to overwhelm you or be an intrusive influence. It supports creativity and achievement, helping to enhance your work, concentration and capabilities. Fire Agate Essence has a strong grounding and protective shield, often returning unwanted or harmful energy back to its source. It also has a transforming effect and is beneficial for healing issues of the heart.

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