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Shields & Protects Energy
Balances & Aligns Chakras
Cleanses & Recharges Aura

Balances and aligns all the major energy centers and subtle bodies. Acts as an energetic shield against harmful rays and as an energetic conduit.

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Copper Essence

Copper Essence balances and aligns all the major energy centers and recharges all subtle bodies. It acts as an energetic shield against harmful rays, and can help shield and protect your energy from lower frequencies and vibrations. It furthermore acts as an energetic conduit, and allows for metaphysical or energetic alchemy to take place within your energy field. It alights the lower chakras and opens the heart chakra, allowing you to transform lower emotions into higher vibrations through the channel of your heart’s unconditional love.
Copper Essence moreover helps refine your sixth sense and heighten your intuition, giving you an edge with matters of discernment. It may also quicken your vibrations and raise the powers of your subconscious mind, strengthening your intelligence, both spiritually and mentally, so that you may have the combination of both when needed or called upon. In this sense, it may help you to become aware of energies that may otherwise stay just beyond your grasp; by allowing you the split second of awareness needed to process and integrate your gut level intuition in any situation or experience.

Copper Essence also helps to strengthen your prana (life force energy) and raise your kundalini so that it nourishes your chakras and increases your creative powers. It may help you cleanse your auric field, helping you to let go of your past and release feelings that are no longer serving you. Its action on strengthening and recharging your auric field can help you to be more immune to invasive energies and toxic sources.

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