Chlorite Quartz Essence

Shanti Kai™️ Chlorite Quartz is from the Himalayas and carries with it the powerful healing and meditative energies found there. Long revered as a spiritual abode, some of the purest vibrations originate in the Himalayas; it’s no wonder then that our Chlorite Quartz Essence pulsates with these living vital energies, and is a must have in any “healers first aid kit”.   This Essence helps to cleanse and purify the aura as well as to realign all your chakras and meridians of your subtle energy field.  It is especially cleansing to the emotional subtle body and heart chakra, clearing blockages and toxic residues that would hinder growth, and encouraging your energy to open to healing, rebirth and regeneration.  Chlorite Quartz Essence promotes peaceful relationships, and has the effect of getting underneath resentments and other emotional blocks, as if exploding them from within, like a spontaneous and rapid release, rather than a slower ongoing process.  It has been known to have a similar effect with implanted or attached energies (and/or entities).  For this reason, it is recommended you work with this Essence only when you are ready to heal and are consciously open to change. Creatively, this Essence promotes renewal of spirit, invoking imagination and inspiration. Finally, it has a purifying effect on the environment, and used in sprays, such as Quartz Master Essence, can help amplify positive healing energies, encourage meditative states, and purify or cleanse lower frequencies.

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