Angel Aura Quartz Essence

Angel Aura Quartz Essence helps cleanse and clear all of your chakras and subtle body meridians, making it important for connecting with cosmic consciousness, and your own higher self and spiritual connection.  It helps align you with the Angelic realm fostering feelings of protection, safety, purity, and light.  It helps you to reflect negativity and outside projections (from others) ; it is an excellent essence to work with for meditation and healing work, as it reflects back unwanted, incoming vibrations and energies. As it is a pure conduit of white light, asking for angelic assistance can help you elevate your vibrational level through use of this Essence, helping you be a clear pure channel for this angelic assistance, guidance and love. Angel Aura Quartz Essence is widely believed to help optimize all of your virtues and abilities, making it a universal choice for healing and intuitive development. It fine tunes your subtle bodies, and helps integrate your subtle light bodies into the physical (or third) dimension, making it especially powerful for downloading planetary shifts and integrating multidimensional energies. The latter also makes it ideal for integrating spiritual gifts with material realm (i.e. physical dimension) work, meaning it can help you apply spiritual ability, such as intuition, to the work you are currently doing in this world; even if you are scrubbing toilets or sweeping floors in a filthy prison bathroom, if you carry your light and ask the divine to flow through you, miracles can manifest in the mundane realm through you … no Himalayas or exotic gurus, incantations or fancy mantras needed.

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