African Tulip Tree Master™


Can help you clear root chakra issues, invoke safety and protection, and help clear childhood trauma, existential issues and ancestral issues.

Master Blend of red and yellow African Tulip Tree

0.5 fl oz dropper2 fl oz spray



African Tulip Tree Flower Essence

Our Master African Tulip Tree Flower Essence aids root chakra issues surrounding safety and protection, as well as releasing fears, especially existential ones around birth and death. It may help you to draw in what you need to feel protected or safe and to learn to self nurture. It may be especially beneficial if you are a new or expectant mother and struggle with feeling adequate or strong enough to protect your children; simultaneously, if you feel at times, like you’re “not strong enough for life”, it may help you to call upon your inner strength, similar to summoning a strong animal totem (aka mama bear or mother tiger energy), to protect your “inner children”. It may also help soothe family/identity issues or family of origin issues.

African Tulip Tree Master Blend contains Red African Tulip Tree and Yellow African Tulip Tree Essences.


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