African Tulip Tree Master™


Summon Your Strength
Invoke Nurturing & Protection
Heal Root & Sacral Chakra Issues

Can help you clear root chakra issues, invoke safety and protection, and help clear childhood trauma, existential issues and ancestral issues.

Master Blend of red and yellow African Tulip Tree

0.5 fl oz dropper2 fl oz spray2 fl oz spray TESTER
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African Tulip Tree Flower Essence

Shanti Kai African Tulip Tree Master Flower Essence aids Root and Sacral Chakra issues surrounding sexuality, safety, and protection- as well as releasing fears- especially existential ones around birth and death. Known as “the King of the Flowering Trees”, its Essence can help you to draw in what’s needed to feel protected or safe, as well as to learn to self nurture. It may be especially beneficial if you are a new, single, or expectant mother, and struggle with feelings of inadequacy around parenting, or if you feel like you’re “not strong enough for life.” African Tulip Tree Essence can help you summon your inner, core-level strength, so you can fight off such feelings, as needed, to survive and thrive. It may also help ease identity issues related to gender, sex, or family of origin issues, as well as with cutting karmic ties that cause you to stay stuck in unhealthy habits, relationships and situations. If you have struggled with feeling beautiful, due to past trauma, especially in romantic relationships (and/or situations of a sexual nature), African Tulip Tree Essence can help return to you your “crown” so you can regain your inner power and ability to feel worthiness in love.

African Tulip Tree Master Blend contains Red African Tulip Tree and Yellow African Tulip Tree Essences.

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