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Bow Wow!™ is our special blend of gemstone and flower essences for dogs.

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.Bow Wow!™ Canine Essence contains a carefully crafted blend of healing-focused gemstone and flower essences that are specially designed to be balancing for dogs. Potential benefits* may include:

  • Increased calm and relaxation
  • Increased balance and ease
  • Increased physical, mental, and emotional well-being
  • Increased ability to cope with changes and stress
  • Improved behavior
  • Improved response to other therapies, wellness alternatives, or healing techniques

A few sample ingredients include:

  • Orange Garnet: Promotes happiness, may help energetically strengthen the mind. May help pets that show signs of nightmares during sleep. Could be beneficial for an animal that seems lethargic, low energy, or that is down or grieving.*
  • White Wild Ginger: Peaceful, calming, helps with releasing grief and purging of negative memories, which may be helpful for dogs that have been through trauma or experienced loss of partner/owner/friend.
  • Yellow Chrysoberyl: Helps raise the vibrational level of the physical, emotional, and mental subtle bodies; may help encourage feelings of safety and confidence. May help animal release Energetic blockages that could one day manifest in the physical.

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4 reviews for Bow Wow!™

  1. Claire

    I swear that every time I spray my dog with Bow Wow he smiles

  2. Josh

    I recently let my friend borrow my Bow Wow spray when I saw his sweet older dog having some anxiety while in a crowd. Almost immediately she calmed down and the next thing I new, she was laying down and taking a nap

  3. Susan

    I just started a new high strung puppy client on Bow Wow sprays and drops. Not only did I see him calm down drastically in my training class, but now every time I see him he’s become more adjusted and significantly more mellow

  4. Susan

    I love recommending both the Bow Wow spray and drops, to be used together for newly adopted dogs and young puppies. It has been extremely helpful with stressful environmental adjustment periods. I also love to use it during my training classes. I start by spraying each dog at the beginning of the class, to help them to feel safe and calm. When I encounter any dogs needing extra love and care, I continue to use the Bow Wow spray until I see a shift in their behavior

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