Papaya Master


Balancing Ego in Relationships
Channeling Emotions Artistically
Cultivating Happiness & Well Being

Works on the sacral charka. Promotes happiness, emotional balance, and relationship balance.

Master Blend of multiple Papaya flowers.

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Papaya Flower Essence

Papaya Flower Essence works on the Sacral Chakra and promotes happiness, emotional upliftment and spiritual joy. Its Essence stimulates creativity and helps you channel negative emotion artistically, or via creative self-expression. It encourages your artistic talents, tapping into your creative outlets, and developing your abilities from a healthy place. It balances energies between the Sacral and Throat Chakras, opening your voice to express yourself in a healthy way, and giving a productive outlet to your feelings (i.e. so they do not become an obstruction). Its Essence works to balance the ego and quell the need for control, keeping unhealthy desires such as lust and greed at bay- so as not to negatively impact your relationships. Papaya Essence promotes wholeness and healthy communication, and can help you learn to control your senses and filter your words- so that when you convey your feelings you are not merely dumping your emotions on the listener, but coming from a higher place that has a positive impact on those around you.

It moreover boosts emotional wellbeing, increasing feelings of happiness and positivity, and maintaining a healthy self-esteem. Papaya Essence also helps you break down challenging energies so that you can digest them in manageable parts. It can also help you release bitterness and resentment, and to assimilate outside criticism in a healthy way – to acknowledge any truth that is in it so as to inspire the deeper inner change that may be needed for true, spiritual growth. In this way, it can help you become aware of unhealthy patterns and/ or behaviors, and work toward becoming whole – both within yourself, and your relationships with others.

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