Orange Tourmaline Essence

Orange Tourmaline Essence activates and balances your second or Sacral (Svadhisthana) Chakra, and helps align it with regard to your Sixth (Ajna) Chakra, or your third eye. It inspires joy and invokes emotional, mental and spiritual rejuvenation. It further inspires creativity, promotes a healthy ego, benefits positive self esteem, and encourages healthy, balanced sexuality. It can help you release the need to be in control and/or help balance unhealthy controlling dynamics in your relationships. Taken internally, or used as part of our Master Tourmaline Essence Spray, it can help purge blockages and clear energies in your aura that would cause or contribute to sacral chakra imbalance. Used as a spray on yourself, it may also help your partner (if their higher self is amenable to healing) release their control issues and uplift their overall vibration.

Orange Tourmaline Essence further helps stimulate your powers of creative visualization, and can help motivate you to translate your visions and inspirations into action. It acts to balance energies that would weaken and/or cloud your third eye, block your sense of vision and/or hinder your ability to manifest creatively on the physical plane. It can also help uplift lower emotions and transmute unhealthy desires that would weaken you, further blocking your sense of contentment.

Orange Tourmaline Essence can further help broaden your intellectual and intuitive capacity with regard to your emotions and creative process. Accordingly, if you are an artistic type that tends to create best when depressed or in lower emotional states, and/or who uses your “low points” as creative inspiration, this essence can help motivate you to do the same from a balanced and healthy disposition.

Moreover, Orange Tourmaline Essence helps connect your 2nd, 6th, 10th and 11th chakras, which means that it acts to bridge your physical and spiritual (ascension) energies. Your sacral chakra connects to your root, the earth and also to the astral and ancestral realms, or dimensions. Your 10th and 11th chakras on the other hand, align with ascension energies and involve the spiritual elevation of the human soul, awakening you to divine realms and heavenly virtues. The greed, lust and desires so common to the lower chakras no longer exist once your consciousness taps into and begins to reside in these higher realms. Orange Tourmaline Essence helps strengthen the connection that your physical body has to these upper chakras, and begins to make the ascension process more accessible.

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