Jasper Master Essence

There are many varieties of Jasper that have long since been hailed for their plethora of powers, and likewise, Jasper Master Essence holds similar energies. As far back as the early days of Christianity, Green Jasper was renowned for its ability to drive away evil spirits, demonic forces, curses, accidents and/or misfortunes. Ocean Jasper, also known as the “Atlantis Stone”, has long since been believed to invoke ancient wisdom and soothe away emotional maladies. Red Jasper has traditionally been believed to strengthen circulation and invoke passion while Picasso (or Picture Jasper) to instill creativity and connect with Mother Earth’s nurturing energy. Brown Jasper, like red Jasper, has also been used to strengthen the physical body’s immunity, and to promote healing, nurturing, and protection. In fact, the Ancient Egyptians hailed Jasper as so nurturing and vital that they used it to support pregnancy and breastfeeding; they believed it connected them to the powers of the Goddess Isis. Yellow Jasper has long since been believed to attract the Sun’s healing energy and is thought to enhance the skin, inspire confidence, and magnify inner radiance. K2 Jasper, while more recently discovered, is believed to possess spiritual powers, to ease meditation, and to purify the third eye and throat chakras. Kambaba Jasper, a form of green and black Jasper, is said to be of such ancient origins that it vibrates to the sacred sound of “OM” (or “Aum”), the primordial sound from which [in eastern tradition] the Universe was believed to be created. Indeed, the Jasper family of minerals is vast and diverse with a multitude of beneficial properties.

Shanti Kai™ Jasper Master Blend allows you the benefit of working with many of these varieties in a single essence. Like the minerals it is comprised of, Jasper Master Essence carries a wide array of healing vibrations- peaceful energies of the earth that invoke tranquility and instill comfort- bringing reassurance to you as you work with it. Its essence is believed to bring protection from misfortune and calamity, to protect you from the evil eye, neutralize curses and shield you from environmental toxicity. It has long since been revered as sacred or even magical, and its Essence too, carries an enchanting quality that inspires divinity and attracts synchronicity- whilst helping you stay grounded and connected to the earth plane. An excellent essence for the environmentally and or empathically sensitive, apply or take Jasper Master Essence before travel, gatherings, and/or social outings to help strengthen your shield against negative and/or unwanted energies.

In biblical times, Jasper, considered sacred, was one of the gems used to build the city of Jerusalem, a place of holy pilgrimage. Used before meditation and healing work, it helps to solidify your foundation, inspire nurturing, and attracting higher vibrational energy, especially that of Archangels Haniel and Sandalphon- who are drawn to its vibrations. Used before sleep it works to enhance dream work, and used before travel it invokes the benevolent energies needed for safety and success. What’s more, working with Jasper Master Essence before any type of creative or artistic endeavor can help inspire new concepts and ideas- as well as help evolve existing ones. Meanwhile, working with this essence when trying to conceive may enhance energies of fertility, and during motherhood may help support and inspire nurturing between mother and child throughout breastfeeding.

Jasper Master Essence bestows its gifts, gradually releasing its powers and bestowing its benefits, like flower petals opening one by one, in the sun. Indeed, like the Earth Herself, Jasper Essence speaks of patience and Divine timing, and its essence benefits you most if worked with consistently over time.