Carnelian Essence

Carnelian, a type of Agate, makes a wonderful Essence that works on your Sacral and Root chakras, bringing balance to your ego and emotions, and reproductive and sexual energies. It encourages harmony in relationships and helps ease the need for control. It enhances vitality and passion, and brings greater depth and meaning to life. It may also benefit circulation- especially in the root, legs and feet. Carnelian Essence moreover helps to [energetically] ease tendencies toward addiction and/or exhaustion, as well as can inspire heightened creativity and self-esteem. It can thus benefit you if you’re an artistic type, such as a musician, writer, painter, or otherwise- especially in pushing past creative blocks and tapping new levels of inspiration.

Carnelian Essence invokes confidence and can help empower you in social situations- soothing the effects of nervous “butterflies” and helping in grounding your energy. Carnelian Essence encourages you in releasing heavier emotions- such as sadness and depression, and also helps temper more fiery emotions such as anger and fear. Its Essence furthermore works to strengthen your vitality and increase endurance, helping you to persevere when under pressure. It may also benefit you when suffering from confusion and/or frustration, to uplift your emotions and bring balance from within. Spiritually, Carnelian Essence is grounding, helping you push past distractions that would block you from meditating and/or deepening your spiritual practice. It is thus often worn by meditators and those practicing on a disciplined, spiritual path.