Venus™ and Moon Goddess™ Companion Set


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Features 2-oz sprays of Venus™ and Moon Goddess™ Essences.

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.Shanti Kai™ Pink Moon Companion Essences Venus™ and Moon Goddess™ (from our Planetary Line™) are the perfect tools to help bring balance to your relationships, soften the energy of the full moon, and help you to look within and work with what comes up.

Venus™ is for invoking your Inner Diva and inspiring beauty, romance, love and attraction. It helps with balancing relationships and aligning with the feminine qualities of grace and receptivity.

Moon Goddess Essence™ is for harmonizing with Lunar energy, helping with intuition, emotions, the feminine, and Yin Energy. It also helps with developing 6th sense.

Read more about this duo on our blog: Weekly What’s Up: Pink Moon Companion Essences for Balancing Your Relationship

**Note: Moon Goddess™ has replaced Intuition™ in this pairing, as it has the same effect.


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2 fl oz spray


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