Venus™ and Empower™ Companion Set


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Features 2-oz sprays of Venus™ and Empower™ Essences.

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.Features Shanti Kai™ Venus™ and Empower™ Essences:

Venus™ is for invoking one’s Inner Diva and inspiring beauty, romance, love and attraction. Helps with balancing relationships and aligning with the feminine qualities of grace and receptivity.

Empower Essence™ is a great tool for working with fear, worry, and anxiety that might otherwise cause us to shut down or become self-protective and insecure. It also helps us with working through past traumas. It can help us to feel more comfortable in our own skin, letting our inner light shine, and even though we may still experience fear, it can encourage us to feel the fear and do it anyway!

Tip from a Shanti Kai™ Staff Member: Summon Your Confidence with this Duo:

“If you’re anything like me, you may have experienced nerves before going out on a first date or meeting someone new for the first time. Things that bring us joy and excitement, such as meeting new people, can also cause us to feel nervous, and first-impressions can be important. This is why I love using Empower™ and Venus™ Essences together before a first meeting to help me feel more confident and relaxed. Try alternating between these two essences throughout the day before you plan to meet someone, spraying the third-eye, front and back of the neck, heart center, and solar plexus.” – JoMarie.

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2 fl oz spray


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