Features 2 oz Transformation™ and Empower™ Essences

Empower Essence™ may assist with removing underlying blocks and obstacles and help with release of worry and anxiety. At the core of Empower Essence™ formula is a powerful synergy of gemstone ingredients. This gemstone synergy acts to repair and strengthen tears and breaks in your aura, effect a blue-violet energetic shield or protective layer in your energy field (thereby screening out negativity and psychic debris), and neutralize and cleanse negative emotion while balancing your solar plexus chakra to increase balance and positivity.

Transformation™ Essence is formulated to soften the transformation process and encourage the ability and desire to transform and to see the truth regardless of what it might be. It has a synergy of ingredients that encourage you to see into the core or root of an issue so that you can release what you need to let go. It also contains certain gemstones to facilitate this release, as well as to aid you in transitioning into phases of regeneration and/or rebirth.