Ruby, Moonstone, & Lapis Essence


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Featuring 0.5 fl oz drops of Ruby, Moonstone, Lapis Essences.

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.This Set features 0.5 fl oz drops of Ruby, Moonstone, and Lapis Essences.

Ruby Essence is the master essence of the heart. It invokes qualities of strength, courage, and protection through virtues of the heart (rather than show of force). It softens issues with the father figure and helps one to find within oneself the internal validation, support, and safety that may have been lacking in one’s youth. It fills the cells that are open to receive with pure unconditional love energy and encourages cells that are blocked to gently release, thereby cultivating a deep, unshakable sense of security over time. It applies to the Male or Father Heart Meridian, and as such helps clear blockages in the heart chakra that relate to one’s Father.

Moonstone Essence helps one connect with their feminine aspect, and with lunar energies, and it inspires self-care and nurturing as well as intuition and emotional release. It may assist one in resolving issues with their mother, and is good for new mothers as well as fathers to tap their nurturing energy. It helps cleanse the base chakras, especially the solar plexus, to allow energy to move more readily into the heart, and helps open the crown chakra aiding one’s connection to Christ Consciousness and the Angelic Realms. Moonstone Essence carries a high light quotient and helps one release negative emotion that would cause stress and tension, especially in third chakra where emotional energies are held. It balances all the chakras and helps realign and strengthen the nadis and meridians.

Lapis Essence can assist one in the organization of one’s life and in the routine day-to-day activities in which they are involved. It also helps with developing third eye and helps with psychic protection..

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