Removing Obstacles™and Transformation™ Set


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Features 2oz sprays of Removing Obstacles™ and Transformation™ Essence Blends.

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.Features 2oz sprays of Removing Obstacles™ and Transformation™ Essence Blends:

Removing Obstacles™ our Saturn aligned essence, is formulated especially to help block some of the more challenging energy that this planet is known for. It may help with clearing underlying blocks, such as false or negative beliefs, negative emotions, or other countering energies that may be preventing you from achieving your goals or intentions. It helps build a vibration that counters resistance so you can more easily align with and attain your goals.

Transformation™ is our Pluto blend and is designed to ease you through the process of endings, new beginnings and rebirth. This essence may help you to recognize what it is in your life that needs to be released and encourage the desire and ability to transform and let go. It also assists you in using negative life experience to purge and bring in new energy (i.e. rebirth), and is helpful during healing work and meditation.


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