Release It™ and White Light™ Set


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Features Release It™ and White Light™  Essences.

Use these two together to release and re-pattern deep seated energy blocks so that you can move forward with brand new intentions.

2 fl oz spray4 fl oz spray
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.Features Release It™ and White Light™ Essences:

Release It™: The perfect essence to use when you’re ready to move on, let something go, “get over it”, forgive, heal, or otherwise release an issue or situation to a Higher Power. Good for releasing deep seated energy blocks.

White Light™ is for new beginnings, fresh starts, or for experiencing rebirth, renewal, and total purity. Helps with opening up one’s energy to an influx of new inspiration, stimulation, and experience. This Essence is also a great tool for those who are healing or working as healing practitioners.

Read more about this duo on our blog: Tip of the Week: Release the Old and Invite in the New.


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