Release It™ and Prosperity™ Set


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Features a 2-oz spray of Release It Essence™ and a 2-oz spray of Prosperity Essence™.

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.Features a 2-oz sprays of Release It™ and Prosperity™ Essences to help release blockages to success and to help promote prosperity of all kinds in your life.

  • Release It™: The perfect essence to use when you’re ready to move on, let something go, “get over it”, forgive, heal, or otherwise release an issue or situation to a Higher Power. Good for releasing deep seated energy blocks.
  • Prosperity Essence™ can be especially helpful to overcome issues with lack, feelings of being “stuck”, struggles in relationships and jobs, or feelings of overwhelm or having to work hard with little success. It promotes well being, learning, optimism, expansion, and opportunity.

Try using these Essences together while holding vision of success over areas where you’d like to experience more prosperity – such as your professional or personal goals.  You might also use them as aura or room sprays in your office or work space if your goal is to get a raise or a promotion, or places where you study or practice if you are in a higher learning program.  First spray Release It™ to release any heavy, or non-beneficial energy in the area.  Follow a few minutes later with Prosperity™ to help align the energy of your space with what it is you want to achieve, and you can even set an intention as you spray to help focus the effects..

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