Prosperity™ & Earth Chakra™ & Harmony™


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Features 2oz Sprays of Prosperity™, Earth Chakra™ and Harmony™ Essence Blends.

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.Prosperity™, Earth Chakra™ & Harmony™ Companion Essences Set

Prosperity Essence™ can be especially helpful to overcome issues with lack, feelings of being “stuck”, struggles in relationships and jobs, or feelings of overwhelm or having to work hard with little success. It promotes well being, learning, optimism, expansion, and opportunity.

Harmony™ Essence seeks to promote physical and emotional well being through balancing of the body’s major energy centers, especially the heart. A great essence to use when your feeling out of sync (or just needing a tune up), this essence seeks to align the 3 wheels of the body (mind, body, and spirit), bringing them back into alignment and rolling in the right direction.

Earth Chakra™ draws from newly discovered gemstone and mineral deposits on every continent, as well as volcanic and tree flowers that promote a strong sense of connectivity to and affinity for Lady Gaia (Mother Earth). It helps in grounding your energy and adjusting and adapting to life’s shifts and changes.

Read more about this trio at our blog:

Essences for the Year of the Earth Pig: Prosperity™, Harmony™, and Earth Chakra™.

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