Moon Goddess™ & Sapphire Master Blend™ Set


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Features 2oz Sprays of Moon Goddess™ and Sapphire Master Blend™ Essences.

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.Moon Goddess™ & Sapphire Master Blend™ Companion Essences Set

Moon Goddess™ Essence is for harmonizing with Lunar energy, helping with intuition, emotions, the feminine, and Yin Energy. May help you with developing sixth sense.

Sapphire Master Blend Essence may bring gifts of spiritual awakening, psychic and intuitive development, expanded visionary capacity, and can encourage meditation and inner contemplation. Works to align spiritual, mental and emotional bodies – promoting serenity, inner harmony, and release of false and/or limiting beliefs and illusion.

**Note: Moon Goddess™ has replaced Intuition™ in this pairing, as it has the same effect.


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2 fl oz spray


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