Moon Goddess™ & Harmony™ Set


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Features 2oz Sprays of Moon Goddess™ and Harmony™ Essences.

Read more about this pair: Weekly What’s Up?: Harmony™ and Intuition™ for the Holiday Full Moon

Companion Essences for the Libra Blue Moon

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.Moon Goddess™ & Harmony™ Companion Essences Set

Moon Goddess Essence™ is for harmonizing with Lunar energy, helping with intuition, emotions, the feminine, and Yin Energy. May help with developing 6th sense.

Harmony™ Essence seeks to promote physical and emotional well being through balancing of the body’s major energy centers, especially the heart. A great essence to use when your feeling out of sync (or just needing a tune up), this essence seeks to align the 3 wheels of the body (mind, body, and spirit), bringing them back into alignment and rolling in the right direction.

Read more about this duo on our blog: Companion Essences for the Libra Blue Moon

**Note: Moon Goddess™ has replaced Intuition™ in this pairing, as it has the same effect..

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2 fl oz spray


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