MercurEase™ & Removing Obstacles™ Set


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Set features 2-oz sprays of MercurEase™ and Removing Obstacles™ Essence Blends.

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.MercurEase™ & Removing Obstacles™ Set features 2oz sprays of these Essence blends:

  • MercurEase™: Use for improving communication and expression, or to enhance creative thinking, new ideas, and problem solving. May help with mental focus and memory. It also helps counter the effects of Mercury in Retrograde, a period of time when communications often seem to go haywire.
  • Removing Obstacles: This is a great Essence to use for clearing external obstacles and building a vibration to counter resistance. When you face obstacles in the outer world, there is often a coinciding block in your inner world. This Essence carries a sacred blessing from Ganesha ceremonies in India to help shield from negative effects of Saturn and increase energetic protection. It also helps to clear blocks in the root chakra that would hinder your ability to meditate.

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