MercurEase™, Harmony™, Evolve™, and Vishuddha™ Set


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Essences for Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius, featuring 2oz sprays of Evolve™, Harmony™, MercurEase™ and Vishuddha™: Throat Chakra

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.Essences for Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius: This Essence quartet contains the following blends:

MercurEase™ to help to soothe all things “Mercury Retrograde”. Use it for clear communication, problem solving, and “technology tantrums” (yes… it’s a thing)!

Harmony™ to bring the 3 wheels of life- body, mind, & spirit into alignment… so that you flow with the universe around you.

Evolve™ to help you to align with Aquarian energies of progress and innovation-to propel you forward on your path.

Vishuddha™: Throat Chakra to open & empower your throat chakra, benefitting clear communication & self expression.

Learn more at our blog on Essences for Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius.


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