Indigo Light™ and Golden Aura™ Set


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Features 2oz Sprays of Indigo Light™ and Golden Aura™ Essences for optimal intuition.

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.Features the following Essences:

Indigo Light™ may assist one in breaking free from worldly distraction, clearing psychic debris, cutting through third eye clutter, and achieving states of heightened intuition, awareness, and expanded or higher states of consciousness.

Golden Aura™ works to enhance Prana or Life Force Energy, strengthening and balancing the energy field. It helps with balancing the Solar Plexus Chakra and inncreases light flow from the 12th Chakra and beyond (where the Christ Consciousness resides), thereby strengthening and enhancing one’s organic energy and access to unconditional love and acceptance.

This pair helps with optimal intuition. Indigo Light™ is for clearing third eye clutter and optimizing visionary capabilities stored in third eye chakra. Golden Aura™ helps increase the pranic flow of light and unconditional love energy from the upper upper chakras as it flows to the crown, increasing protection around the crown and third eye chakras. This helps shield interference around the crown so that your intuition is functioning at its best and is coming from a place of altruistic love and light for all.

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