ImmunEase™ and Healer Within™ Set


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Features ImmunEase™ and Healer Within™ for energetic vitality and balance, especially during seasonal changes.

2 fl oz spray4 fl oz spray
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.ImmunEase™ and Healer Within™ Companion Essences Set

ImmunEase™ Essence may promote strength, vitality and shielding. It may help energetically boost the immune system, and it’s great to use preventatively, especially during cold/flu and allergy seasons. It’s also a popular travel companion among our customers.

Healer Within™ Essence may promote soothing and calming, help alleviate stress, and encourage healing on a deep level. It is an ideal essence for anyone who experiences stress. It’s also ideal for therapists and other practitioners who work with trauma to assist with client work.

This Companion Essence set is particularly helpful during seasonal changes, when our bodies can be more susceptible to the effects of stress and feeling run down. They can help ease stress on an energetic level, which over time can benefit you on a physical level. If you are feeling run down or experiencing more stress than usual, use these essences together, starting by spraying ImmunEase™ over the front and back of the neck and over lymph nodes, and then following with Healer Within™. Also great to use while traveling. You may also pair either of both of these with Transitions™ and Guardian Angel™ for pro-active stress defense. .


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