Imagine™ and Removing Obstacles™ Set


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Features 2oz sprays of Imagine™ and Removing Obstacles™ Essence Blends.

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.Features 2oz sprays of Imagine™ and Removing Obstacles™ Essence Blends:

Imagine™ is a special blend designed to balance the effects that the planet Neptune has over us. It helps to harness and enhance the imagination in a productive way while balancing it by drawing in grounding, clarity, and the ability to focus on what’s important.

Removing Obstacles™ may help with clearing underlying blocks, such as false or negative beliefs, negative emotions, or other countering energies that may be preventing you from achieving your goals or intentions. It helps build a vibration that counters resistance so you can more easily align with and attain your goals. May also help with mitigating the effects of the planet Saturn.

Increase your sense of purpose and help turn your dreams into reality with the upcoming Saturn sextile Neptune planetary transit and this Essence pair! On January 31st, the first of three trines throughout 2019 will occur between Saturn and Neptune. This planetary aspect can bring us benefits such as a greater sense of purpose in life as well as the ability, faith, to follow through on our dreams, and to bring what we imagine into reality through hard work and effort. Imagine™ helps us to tap into the dreamy Neptunian side of this aspect, fueling our imagination in a healthy way, while also helping us to stay grounded and disciplined. Removing Obstacles™ promotes the removal of blockages that may hinder us from realizing our dreams, while also helping to counter some of the harsher energies that Saturn can throw at us..

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