Harmony™ and Venus™ Companion Set


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Features 2-oz sprays of Harmony™ and Venus™ Essences.

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.Features Shanti Kai™ Harmony™ and Venus™ Essences:

Harmony Essence™ seeks to promote physical and emotional well-being through balancing of the body’s major energy centers, especially the heart. A great essence to use when you’re feeling out of sync (or just needing a tune up), this essence seeks to align the 3 wheels of the body – mind, body, and spirit – bringing them back into alignment and rolling in the right direction.

Venus™ is beneficial for relationship balance, drawing in love and friendship, and enhancing social charm, as well as aligning you with feminine qualities such as beauty, grace, receptivity, gentleness and attraction. It may also help with energetically balancing PMS symptoms in women..

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2 fl oz spray


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