Guardian Angel™ and Moon Goddess™ Set


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Features 2oz Sprays of Guardian Angel™, and Moon Goddess™ Essences.

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.Features the following Essences:

Guardian Angel™ Protection Spray strengthens and enhances auric shielding, helping to shield and protect one from negativity. This Essence is good to use before going into crowded or busy places, and it may be ideal for those with a tendency to become “drained” or overwhelmed in their work place, crowded environments, relationships, etc. It may also help in reducing fear and enabling feelings of safety and protection.

Moon Goddess™ Essence may help strengthen your sixth sense and help put you more in touch emotionally. Sprayed over the forehead, it may help you to tap into deep, hidden motivations of yourself or others. May especially benefit women’s cycles and stages of motherhood. May help both men and women to attune to nature’s lunar cycles to balance their own inner rhythms.

**Note: Moon Goddess™ has replaced Intuition™ in this pairing, as it has the same effect.


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2 fl oz spray


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