Guardian Angel™ and MercurEase™


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Features a 2-oz sprays of Guardian Angel™ and MercurEase™.

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.Guardian Angel™ & MercurEase™ Companion Essences Set

Guardian Angel Protection Spray strengthens and enhances auric shielding; helps shield and protect one from negativity. Good to use before going into crowded or busy places, and may be ideal for those with a tendency to become “drained” or overwhelmed in their work place, crowded environments, relationships, etc. It may also help in reducing fear and enabling feelings of safety and protection.

MercurEase™: Use for improving communication and expression, or to enhance creative thinking, new ideas, and problem solving. May help with mental focus and memory. It also helps counter the effects of Mercury in Retrograde, a period of time when communications often seem to go haywire.

Read more about this set at our blog: Guardian Angel™ & MercurEase™ for Mercury Retrograde.

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2 fl oz spray


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