Golden Aura™ and White Light™ Set


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Features 2-oz sprays of Golden Aura™ and White Light™ Essences.

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.Features 2-oz sprays of Golden Aura™ and White Light™ Essences.

Golden Aura™ works to enhance Prana or Life Force Energy, strengthening and balancing the energy field. Helps with balancing the Solar Plexus Chakra. Increases light flow from the 12th Chakra and beyond (where the Christ Consciousness resides), thereby strengthening and enhancing one’s organic energy and access to unconditional love and acceptance.

White Light™ is for new beginnings, fresh starts, or for experiencing rebirth, renewal, and total purity. Helps with opening up one’s energy to an influx of new inspiration, stimulation, and experience. This Essence is also a great tool for those who are healing or working as healing practitioners..

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2 fl oz spray


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