Garnet Glow™ and White Light™ Set


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Features 2oz sprays of Garnet Glow™ and White Light™.

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.Shanti Kai™ Christmas Companion Essence Set features 2-oz sprays of Garnet Glow™ and White Light™ Essences.

Garnet Glow™ helps to bring energy and strength, alleviate fears, and may help one to stay grounded while moving forward. It may help one gather the energy or impetus needed to start a project, or help one establish the energetic presence needed to draw attention to a cause or function.

White Light™ is for new beginnings, fresh starts, or for experiencing rebirth, renewal, and total purity. Helps with opening up one’s energy to an influx of new inspiration, stimulation, and experience. This Essence is also a great tool for those who are healing or working as healing practitioners.

This duo is part of our Jet Lag Essences, for energetically clearing the blood. Garnet Glow™ especially works with the energy field associated with blood, and Frequencies of White Light™ is for purification and renewal. When we travel, our circulation often stagnates, leading to inflammation and feelings of stagnation and toxicity. Garnet Glow™ promotes moving from a passive to an active state, while White Light™ promotes purification on an energetic level, helping to flush out toxic energies and bring renewal and an increase in life force energy.

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