Evolve™ and Earth Chakra™ Companion Set


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Features Evolve™ and Earth Chakra™ Essences.

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.Features Shanti Kai™ Clear My Space™ and Earth Chakra™ Essences:

Evolve™ Essence seeks to act on many of the smaller, lesser known chakra centers within the crown, thereby energizing dormant parts of your psyche that would benefit you to have access to. Several of the essences included in this blend may help energetically to activate various power centers, as well as to integrate and assimilate newly available Earth energies.

Earth Chakra™ Essence helps in grounding your energy, adapting to life’s shifts and changes, and connecting to Mother Earth. It may also help you to integrate shifts happening on a planetary level, as well as ascension energies. May be beneficial for those who work in stressful indoor environments to bring in the Earth element which may offer balance for such a lifestyle.

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Essences for Evolving with the Uranus Retrograde: Evolve™ and Earth Chakra™.

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2 fl oz spray


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