Emerald Light™ and White Light™ Set


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Features 2oz Sprays of Emerald Light™ and White Light™ Essences for energetic renewal.

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.Features the following Essences:

Emerald Light™ is infused with a wide spectrum of healing green frequencies. It’s the perfect essence to use for healing, to invoke the presence of Archangel Raphael, and to open and balance the Heart Chakra.

White Light™ Essence helps bring the energy of pure, white light into your energy field, providing you with a clean slate to help to encourage new beginnings. This blend helps to protect you from negativity and keep you in a state of purity.

This pair is for energy renewal, the ultimate pairing for new beginnings, especially ones that require rebirth and growth. After the long winter, the seeds must start anew, kindling the magic of nature for rebirth, and setting fresh intentions toward healing and growth.  Beneficial for goals ranging from  physical healing to financial growth, this pairing helps purify what was, so that the new can move in. As such, they may be beneficial for those overcoming bad habits, addiction patterns, and heaviness of heart (such as depressed energies and anxiousness).

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