Dendrobium Orchid Blend™ and Oncidium Orchid Blend™ Set


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Features 2oz sprays of Dendrobium Orchid™ and Oncidium Orchid™ Essence Blends.

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.Features 2oz sprays of Dendrobium Orchid Blend™ and Oncidium Orchid Blend™ Essence Blends:

Dendrobium Orchid Blend™ promotes surrender, or release from resistance. When the body is not in perfect health – on all levels – there is resistance somewhere, be it physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual. It especially works to release energetic blockages along the spine and opening up passage to higher chakras. It may also help promote the flow of ideas, of giving and receiving, higher communication, and telepathy.

Oncidium Orchid Blend™ promotes a feeling of lightness, a feeling that everything is okay, everything is working out fine, everything is exactly as it should be. While all the Orchid essences are very high vibrationally, Oncidium promotes higher mental faculties that on a physical level would correspond to activities of the nervous system and brain..

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2 fl oz spray


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